Steps to open

Captain D’s is looking for driven, experienced restaurant or retail operators to expand our footprint.  Ready to dive in?  Our franchise application and approval process is designed to help you understand our business from the inside out. Below you can get a sense of the process.

1- Getting Started

Begin by completing our Request Information form. A member of the Captain D’s franchise development team will connect with you to answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the formal application process. We’ll start with a screening process to ensure you meet our minimum financial requirements.

2- Application & Disclosure Documentation

Upon completion of your Franchise Application, we will conduct a background and credit history check. At this point, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document, which further elaborates on all of the details associated with a Captain D’s franchise opportunity.

3- Interview

At this stage, you or the operator in your group will meet with us for an in-depth interview.  This interview gives us an opportunity to share a more detailed view into our company, while also gaining a better understanding of your business objectives and plans.

4- Due Diligence & Observation

To help refine your business plan, we encourage franchise applicants to invest time conducting their own due diligence, including speaking with other Captain D’s franchisees and observing how our restaurants are run.

5- Business Plan

You will develop a business plan that outlines your goals for your Captain D’s franchise, as well as strategies for managing development, operations, finances, marketing, and other aspects of your business.

6- Captain D's Day

At this point, we’ll invite you to our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, where you’ll meet our entire corporate staff. We’ll answer any final questions you may have and formally welcome you to the Captain D’s family.

7- Site Selection & Real Estate

We will work with you to find the right location for your seafood restaurant. You'll have the full support of our real estate team and site selection tools to give you confidence in choosing the best location.  If you already own property, it will need to meet pre-established demographic and location criteria. 

8- Restaurant Development

Once your site is approved, you'll begin developing your site.  We'll help by providing floor plan layouts and exterior designs that can be used by your construction team to streamline your development process. We’ll also work closely with you throughout the process to make sure your restaurant meets our guidelines.

9- Training & Support

During a comprehensive twelve-week course, we’ll provide you with the skills and knowledge to operate your seafood restaurant to the highest standards. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Captain D’s through a blend of computer-based and hands-on learning—and, as an added level of support, we’ll provide you with a new restaurant opening manager and a select team of corporate trainers to assist you with your opening.

10- Grand Opening Activities

Your new restaurant opening manager, along with our marketing team, will assist you in developing a series of Grand Opening activities and events, along with a local store marketing campaign. Congratulations – your Captain D’s is now up and running!

"You can never minimize the effect of being a franchisee when you have a good franchisor. You still have your own business, but you don’t have to spend the dollars testing things and finding products to appeal to a broader base of guests."

Lisa Starnes, 7 restaurants in Texas

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