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The revenues of our seafood franchises are climbing rapidly every year

Captain D’s seafood franchises around the United States are enjoying strong and unprecedented revenue growth. Every new store we’ve opened with our new store design has averaged or exceeded $1.4 million in sales, creating an exciting opportunity for food operators who want a simple way to gain entry into what we believe is the least competitive segment of the fast-casual space.

We set Average Unit Volume (AUV) records in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and again in 2016. Increasing sales volume is excellent for our owners. This is a steep increase from our older stores, and today many of our top performers are new owners of stores with the new design.

Because Captain D’s has been proactive in menu development and location development, we are benefiting from the growing number of consumers who are looking for an attractive, appealing dining location, as well as one that serves the healthiest food in the fast-casual dining sector.

Buying a Captain D’s franchise for sale is a great opportunity for an experienced operator to get into the fast-casual space with a high-performance model that is both simple to operate and doesn’t compete with pizza, hamburgers or chicken. Here’s our recent earnings claims from our annual Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD):

Total Restaurants for Fiscal Year Ended January 3, 2016

Number of Restaurants Operating One Year or More 500
Number of Franchised Restaurants 231
Number of Company-owned Restaurants 269

Franchised Comparable Sales Restaurants for Fiscal Year Ended January 3, 2016
Top Third Middle Third Bottom Third Total
Average Gross Sales $1,483,767 $1,029,507 $729,016 $1,080,763
Number of Restaurants 77 77 77 231
Highest Gross Sales $2,174,703 $1,205,772 $903,377 $2,174,703
Lowest Gross Sales $1,210,358 $908,771 $405,697 $405,697
Number Above Average 32 35 45 102
Number Below Average 45 42 32 129

Newly Opened Captain D’s Stores Posting Sales Gains

Our restaurants are seeing strong growth, which breaks down as follows:
Top-third franchise restaurants = gross sales of $1,483,767 in 2015
Middle-third restaurants = gross sales of $1,029,507 in 2015
Bottom-third restaurants = gross sales of $729,016 in 2015

Captain D’s franchise for sale: joining up with a ‘sleeping giant’

“By coming on board with Captain D’s now, you’ll be joining a brand on a tremendous growth trajectory,” says CEO Phil Greifeld.

“In 2012, our franchise system set an AUV record. In 2013 we broke that record. We broke it again in 2014, 2015, and 2016,” Phil says. “We are sustaining our momentum. This is a brand that has stood the test of time for nearly 50 years, but it is also in a breakout period where we are garnering huge chunks of market share from other quick-serve restaurants.”

“There are still many, many levers to pull — we are just starting,” he continues. “Our remodel is a game-changer. We’re just beginning to announce a new grilled menu that doubles our offerings. This is an organization that is driven by guest-centric values and is going places people can only dream of. Our growth potential is endless.”

Community support and loyalty are pluses for our seafood franchises

Captain D’s also benefits from strong word-of-mouth in the marketplace. A great example of this is all the activity surrounding our grilled menu. These items have gone from 4% of sales to almost 10% of sales in the past year — before the full marketing launch. Once the full campaigns for the grilled menu roll out, those numbers will only go up. We’re seeking experienced franchisees who have the skills to execute well.

Captain D’s provides this information, and much more, to potential franchise owners because we want to present all the numbers you will need to form a realistic revenue projection before you purchase a Captain D’s franchise for sale. We also strongly encourage you to talk with some of our franchise owners; they’re more than willing to share their insights on revenues and ramp-up times. After you get in touch with us by filling out the form below, we’ll send you a list of franchise owners who will be happy to answer your questions.

*As reported in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document dated May 1, 2016. Please review our FDD Item 19 for further details.


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