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Who Is Our Competition?

The fast-casual dining market is crowded, but Captain D’s occupies a unique niche and faces no real competitors

Americans have more choices than ever for dining out. There is an ever-expanding landscape of options, particularly in limited-service restaurants, and these run the gamut from classic fast food operations to a growing number of fast-casual chains. The competition is strong, and so are the opportunities.

Outside a Captain D's seafood franchise for saleCaptain D’s is uniquely placed to stand out as a seafood restaurant franchise. Consumers are turning away from burger-and-fries and mass-raised chicken options as concern grows over processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, high-calorie meals and the health risks of sodium and sugars. Nationally known burger chains, in particular, have seen their market shares steadily shrink over the past several years — a trend that is forecast to continue.

Despite their customers’ outward migration, these major chains are rooted in the public consciousness thanks to advertising saturation and logo identification. But even that is waning as consumers discover that the Captain D’s menu falls completely in line with the foods they want to be eating.

Adding new customers, not replacing existing ones

Our seafood restaurant franchises have a core group of customers who have kept us strong over the years. What’s exciting is how our customizable menu dovetails with those consumers’ desires for healthier options in their diet. This means that our stores are keeping their loyal customers while they also add new ones all the time.

You’ll be joining a brand on a tremendous growth trajectory. Our system-wide AUV growth is up 27.9% over the past 7 years. Our momentum continues to build.

Customers can now pick from an array of grilled fish, shrimp and fresh vegetables — options that sacrifice nothing in taste but are much lower in carbohydrates, calories and fat content. Seafood, in particular, is gaining in popularity for just this reason, especially with all of the information about the health benefits of Omega 3s. Captain D’s already stands tall in this area and is uniquely suited to benefit from these trends.

Seafood franchise for sale: new look, value pricing are additional drivers

inside a Captain D's seafood franchise for saleOur stores are undergoing a significant updating, bringing a current, hipper appeal to the aesthetics while remaining warm and inviting for families. The redesigns have helped to keep our restaurants modern and fresh, and appeal to older patrons as well as young adults and families.

Lastly, Captain D’s provides an affordable dining experience, one that can deliver a great product without requiring too much buck for that bang. Other fast-casual restaurants cannot compete with the prices and value of our restaurants.

“Seafood is a new and growing market,” says CEO Phil Greifeld. “It’s not a limited occasion meal; it’s an underserved  industry sector. People don’t know where they can get quality seafood at a reasonable price; we’re here to tell them. Captain D’s fills a vital need. If someone wants a high-quality seafood meal priced so that they can routinely eat out — versus just making it a special occasion — they can come to Captain D’s. That’s the message we convey, and we are seeing it take root.”


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    AUV Growth over the last 7 years

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