Captain D’s restaurant franchise makes the news—again! Ranked in Top 200 Restaurant Brands by Nation’s Restaurant News.

Captain D’s, the leading seafood franchise, was ranked #87 on NRN’s Top 200 list and was the only seafood concept that made it in the Top 100. Rankings are based on U.S. system-wide sales.

It’s been a big year for Captain D’s restaurant franchise, winning multiple awards and growing to more than 530 restaurants in 22 states.

One factor in our impressive growth may be that Captain D’s, always an innovator, has redesigned a smaller footprint for its restaurants to make securing real estate easier. The new design scales down the building site from 2,800 sq. ft. on 1 acre to 1,950 sq. ft. on ¾ of an acre. The redesign decreases the build-out costs by a whopping 25%.

Larry Jones, Vice President of Construction for Captain D’s, lays out the benefits.

“Our new prototype improves the unit economics, lowers the investment cost, and lowers the ongoing cost of operating the building. It’s a win-win.”

Another win-win is the fact that over 50% of Captain D’s seafood restaurants are corporately owned. With more skin in the game from proven restaurateurs, Franchise Owners know that menu innovations, processes, and equipment have already been vetted out at the corporate locations.

Here’s how Janet Duckham, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Captain D’s, explains it: “If we’re going to roll out a new product or a new piece of equipment, we’re going to put it in a company restaurant first. When we turn that over to the franchise community, they know that we have tested it, and we’re proud of it, and it is time to move forward with it.”

With so much going for us, put Captain D’s franchise at the top of your list.  Complete the form to learn more.