A Small-Footprint Restaurant Franchise With Big Impact

Captain D's Express

Restaurant franchise owners looking to build a new location know that finding the right real estate in the right location can be one of the biggest challenges in order to find the success that they are seeking. With changing customer demand and limitations for land availability, Captain D’s has created a new smaller prototype that solves that pain point. What’s better yet, it can reduce start-up costs by as much as 32%!

“No two markets are the same, and our Franchise Owners need flexibility,” commented Phil Russo, Vice President of Development. This new walk-up or drive-thru-only franchise prototype does not have any indoor seating. Instead, it is approximately 960 square feet—about the size of a studio apartment– and only requires .5 acres of land to develop – pretty small compared to the 1,964 square foot standard Captain D’s build that requires .75 acres of land. This small footprint and today’s unique real estate opportunities give Franchise Owners more options in the site selection process in order to build in their market and bring our fast-casual seafood restaurant to the area.

Drive-Thru Hooks More Customers

Thanks to our innovative leadership, Captain D’s was ahead of the curve when it came to drive-thru. Long before COVID-19 and social distancing mandates, we had listened to our customers who wanted more drive-thru and takeout options. Pre-COVID-19, 70% of our sales were off-premises dining, 50% drive-thru and 20% takeout.  A recent study revealed that restaurant drive-thru business is booming, generating a whopping $8.3 billion across the fast-food industry in March, an increase from $8 billion in sales over the same period in 2019.1

Successfully Navigating Uncharted Waters

Another advantage Captain D’s has over the QSR franchise competition is our menu—tasty seafood at a great price that stands out in a sea of burgers and pizza. Our friendly staff delivers the same attentive service for our takeout and drive-thru customers that they do in our dine-in locations.   

Smart investors know it’s a good time to take advantage of macro-market conditions with a smaller-footprint model that saves start-up costs and gets you the location you want. And if your plate is full of burger and chicken QSR franchises, Captain D’s will complement rather than compete with other franchises in your portfolio. Right now, dining rooms may not be necessary in your market, so it’s the perfect time to make your move to a restaurant franchise that maximizes sales with drive-thru and carryout.

Get ahead of the curve and bring the fast-casual franchise that offers flexible build-out options that you can customize for your market. Don’t let Captain D’s get away.  Fill out the form below to learn more.


1 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/01/business/coronavirus-fast-food-drive-throughs.html

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