What Makes Captain D’s One of the Best Franchise Investments On the Market?

Captain D's Express location

While 2020 was a tough year for many businesses in the franchise sector, Captain D’s found sustained success during this rough period. In fact, not only was Captain D’s able to avoid any permanent closures due to COVID, but we opened up 10 new locations, proving once again that we are one of the best franchise investments available today.

But what is the secret sauce to this success? Where many other franchises floundered, what made Captain D’s one of the most successful franchises in 2020? It starts with having an incredible franchise foundation.

A Sturdy Foundation and a Proof of Success

With 51 years of experience as a brand and over 530 locations across 23 states, Captain D’s has an unwavering foundation built for endurance and success. In addition, 50% of our locations are company-owned. We’re just as invested as our owners, and we regularly test out new technologies and processes in our corporate locations before rolling them out to the franchise system.

Sajib Singha, a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner in Texas, was impressed by Captain D’s systems in helping him and his team navigate COVID. “Opening our first Captain D’s restaurants this year during the pandemic might have seemed like a challenge on the surface,” he said. “However, my experience could not have been smoother, proving that the right system in place allows for a well-oiled machine under any circumstance.”

In other words, we take care of our owners and make sure they have everything they need to thrive.

One of a Kind in a Sea of Ordinary

One of the biggest hooks for becoming a Franchise Owner with Captain D’s is that it will help you diversify your portfolio. The market is currently saturated with burgers and pizza franchises. Meanwhile, Captain D’s stands alone in a category of one, with no other seafood fast-casual franchise able to match our success. While other seafood fast food concepts closed locations in 2020, Captain D’s was able to add new locations.

In an ocean of bland, Captain D’s stands out as a prize catch.

Flexible Real Estate Opportunities

Because many businesses had to unfortunately close, real estate opportunities are extremely high right now. With our flexible, low-cost, and scalable prototypes, Captain D’s is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these vacant buildings. With a team of conversion experts, we’re ready to help you create your very own Captain D’s locations, regardless of whether you’re building or converting. 

Meeting Consumer Expectations

Long before COVID-19, Captain D’s was listening attentively to our Guests and their expectations for fast-casual dining. Pre-COVID, 50% of Captain D’s sales were generated by drive-thru and 20% was takeout. Because of this, we were prepared for the surge of off-premise dining during the pandemic. This is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. With Captain D’s market-smart prototypes helping to drive $1.5 million AUV for the top 1/3 of locations, you can fine-tune your location to help you serve customers just the way they want and improve ROI.

Flexible prototype and development options

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