Captain D’s Double Drive-Thru is Making Waves

Double Drive-Thru

Captain D’s recently debuted a new addition to their suite of flexible prototypes — the double drive-thru. As a top franchise, Captain D’s is committed to developing innovative ways to support its Franchise Owners and customers. The stats are in and show a favorable future for the prototype:

Double Drive-Thru

  • 20% faster than single drive-thru
  • 35% more cars served per day

That’s a whole minute faster per car, adding up to 100+ more cars per day. There are currently five Captain D’s franchise locations with double drive-thrus in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Texas, with plans to expand.

Other market-smart prototypes 

In addition to the double drive-thru, Captain D’s offers flexible prototypes for a variety of real estate needs. For example, the walk-up and drive-thru only Express prototype allows you to build in lots as small as 0.35 acres. Converting existing restaurants also gives Franchise Owners more options. Starting as low as $350,000, conversions help cut down startup costs for a better franchise ROI.


  • Walk-up/Drive-thru  
  • Min. lot size: 0.35 acres 


  • Open 30 days faster than new builds 
  • Start at $350,000

Based on the success of the first double drive-thrus, Captain D’s will be launching an Express location with a double drive-thru in Hazelwood, Missouri. The first of its kind, it’s slated to open in July 2023, along with seven other locations across Missouri, Georgia and Texas.

No matter which prototype you choose, Captain D’s real estate experts will help you make a data-backed decision to best serve your market. With a $1.28M AUV* for the top third of restaurants, you can be confident in your investment.

What are Franchise Owners saying? 

As a brand that’s been around for 50+ years, Captain D’s has many longtime, Multi-Unit Franchise Owners. Developing and perfecting new prototypes is one of the reasons they continue to reinvest.

“I added Captain D’s to my diverse portfolio with new builds and an existing conversion in Texas. They stay ahead of the real estate game with extremely flexible prototypes and development options,” says Sajib Singha, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner in Texas.

In addition to a category-leading product and brand, Captain D’s flexible prototypes truly set them apart. Another Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Chris Benner, explains how Captain D’s real estate expertise helped spark growth for his portfolio:

“Over the last eight years, our team has opened 11 new Captain D’s restaurants, and I couldn’t be prouder to grow our partnership further with this legacy brand. The corporate team has remained consistent in introducing real estate options made for today’s customer, and the double drive-thru is another example of that.”

Get onboard with Captain D’s 

With innovative additions like the double drive-thru, Express prototypes and conversion options, it’s no wonder Captain D’s is a top franchise to expand your portfolio. If you want to learn more about what it takes to open a Captain D’s franchise, check out our website. If you meet the following requirements, you’re well on your way to qualifying:

  • $350,000 liquid assets  
  • $1,000,000 net worth  
  • Restaurant ownership or operations experience

If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify, simply fill out the form below. Someone from Captain D’s franchise development team will be in touch soon.

*AUV of the Top 1/3 company Locations as reported in item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). There is no guarantee you will make as much.

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