Top Seafood Franchise: Captain D’s Named Top 15 Chains Ready to Contend as Fast Food’s Top Players

Captain D's Franchise location

Captain D’s recently received even more recognition, further validating the brand as not just a top seafood franchise, but one of the top QSR franchises overall.  

QSR Magazine named Captain D’s as one of its Top 15 Chains Ready to Contend as Fast Food’s Top Players. Based on system-wide sales, AUVs, or unit expansions, as well as digital innovations and restaurants designs, the list outlines QSR franchises that are on the verge of breaking through into the QSR 50.  

But what makes Captain D’s a notable franchise and a top investment option for multi-unit owners and entrepreneurs? Let’s dive in and see. 

A Legacy Brand That Swims Alone

One of the key reasons for Captain D’s continued success is the fact we are in a category of one. While there are other seafood franchises out there, none can match the level of success we’ve had over the years. While we’ve stuck with what’s worked since day one, we haven’t been afraid to innovate when needed. Whether it’s upgrading our menu to fit with current consumer trends or our market-smart real estate opportunities, which allow Franchise Owners to choose the perfect layout for their market, Captain D’s can adapt when needed. 

Today, we have over 530 locations across 23 states, each of which benefits from our 51 years of experience within the industry. 

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

With a top-tier AUV of $1.247M and EBITDAR of $437,080†, Captain D’s is a financially rewarding investment for Franchise Owners. These numbers are even more impressive when considering the turmoil of the pandemic in 2020, proving that this legacy brand has a franchise system and process that can weather the storms of a down market.

A Complementary Piece to Portfolios

The mark of a smart franchise investment is that the brand will work well in tandem with the rest of your portfolio. Multi-unit Franchise Owners that operate within the QSR industry often have a successful burger or chicken franchise to their name. With a Captain D’s franchise, those owners can invest in a thriving seafood franchise that won’t cannibalize their other investments. 

In addition, there is plenty of market availability for Captain D’s, making it a great option for our Franchise Owners that want to grow with us.  Head over to our Own A Territory page to scope out your market and find the perfect location for your new Captain D’s!

Franchise Owners Are Doubling Down with Captain D’s

Perhaps the most telling sign of a franchise doing well is seeing whether the Franchise Owners are continuing to invest in the brand. That is certainly the case for Captain D’s.  

Chris Benner is just one of many Multi-unit Franchise Owners with Captain D’s. He and his business partners, Tim and Ed Stokes, have acquired over 40 locations. Chris once again cites the fact that Captain D’s is in a category of one as the reason for his initial interest in the seafood stalwart, as well as his continued investments into the fast-casual franchise.  

“When we were looking into Captain D’s and becoming franchisees, one thing that really appealed to us was that there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of direct competition,” says Chris.  

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