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Who Is Our Core Customer?

Unlike restaurants that target a specific demographic, Captain D’s draws from a wide spectrum of the community

Guest loyalty is the foundation of any food-related enterprise, and our guests’ loyalty has made Captain D’s the sustainable and successful franchise investment it is today. Our exciting opportunity is determining how to continue to attract more customers to our stores and our products — particularly younger customers — while retaining our current appeal.

Rural and urban markets both thrive

Captain D’s has long been a favorite of small-town, rural locales, particularly in the South. The batter-dipped fish menu options are a staple in these communities, where the local fish fry and church social are still valued customs. Captain D’s has matched this constituency’s love of tradition with the consistent and dependable quality of the menu. Just as successfully, Captain D’s has always accented hospitality with the welcoming atmosphere that fits so well with the values of these communities. Small towns in the United States are still vibrant opportunities for investment; they are part of the national fabric and Captain D’s is ensconced as a hallmark of this tradition.

The rise of the suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s was a game-changer for many in the fast-food industry, and Captain D’s has also succeeded there. The suburbs are planned around the younger family experience, and Captain D’s has a firm following.

Traditional, new menu items succeed

Now, more than ever, these families want healthier options while dining out, and Captain D’s is uniquely suited to benefit from this growing trend. In areas with a wide array of choices and competition, we aggressively push to expand our consumer base with new marketing, store refurbishment and an ever-expanding menu. We want to build on our clientele while also ensuring that our customers become repeat customers.

figure3Urban redevelopment projects are a more recent movement. These areas are characterized by a push for the modern with an accent on health and environmental sustainability. Our most popular fish is wild-caught Alaska pollock, the world’s most sustainable fish species. Captain D’s has maintained a conscientious hand in overseeing the fisheries and the quality of the fish that we serve — we do not sell generic, square-cut blocks of “fish matter.” We sell healthy, fresh fillets of whole fish and our customers note and appreciate the difference.

Multigenerational appeal creates longevity

CaptainDs_Logo_lowres_2Millennials, drawn to our updated menu items and quality of our food,  are our largest growing segment. On the other end of the spectrum, grandparents have loved Captain D’s and now parents and children also love Captain D’s. Now is an exciting time to reach out to new and younger groups of consumers — young professionals. As we do so, we maintain our hallmark standards and taste with an ever-greater emphasis on healthier menu items and methods of preparation. Our core customers are a diverse and eclectic bunch, marked primarily by their loyal appreciation.

“Everything we do is focused on making our guest experience better, and that starts with the quality of our food,” says CEO Phil Greifeld. “We have award-winning advertising campaigns that remind people about what they love about seafood, what they love about our brand. We have people who won’t go anywhere else for batter dipped fish. We have guests who love our batter dipped fish but want to eat healthier — and they are coming to try our grilled menu. We have seniors who love a full-meal deal for $4.99. We have something compelling for every age range and every taste range.”


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