Captain D’s Seafood Franchise is the Perfect Addition to a Well-Rounded Fast Casual Portfolio

Captain D’s seafood franchise is perfect for multi-unit operators looking to increase “stomach share” and stand out from predictable burgers, pizza and chicken

Adding a Captain D’s seafood franchise to an existing portfolio of QSR brands is a smart move for multi-unit franchisees who want to strengthen their business by investing in multiple brands.

captain ds seafood franchise

“One of the best strategies for multi-unit franchise growth is owning multiple brands in a single community. The more brands you own and operate, the more ‘share of stomach’ you can control. In a typical community, there are lots of options for meals – subs, burgers, pizza and chicken. What isn’t usually offered is a QSR seafood option and not because it isn’t popular, but because it’s underserved,” says Chief Development Officer Michael D. Arrowsmith. “Adding a Captain D’s to your business portfolio can significantly increase your share of the market by catering to the unmet demand for fast casual seafood. Seafood isn’t really an impulse buy like a burger. Diners often seek out a seafood option if it is conveniently located near other QSR brands.

With more than 500 restaurants in 21 states, Captain D’s high quality products, warm hospitality and unwavering commitment to innovation have driven our seafood franchise to the top of the QSR 50. The chain set average unit volume records in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and we’ve posted 21 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth. A legacy brand with an iconic identity and a multi-generational customer base, Captain D’s newly re-designed restaurants and innovative menu additions continue to drive a sales boom and attract new legions of loyal customers every day.

2017 promises to be a great year to open a Captain D’s. We offer an excellent investment choice for experienced multi-unit operators looking to round out their business portfolio with a longstanding brand that closed out yet another year of record same-store revenue growth.

Captain D’s attracts restaurant industry veterans

Savvy multi-unit operators Ben Patel and Brian Smith chose Captain D’s to elevate and enhance their existing fast casual business portfolio. The unmet demand for fast casual seafood in communities from coast to coast can be fulfilled by Captain D’s high-quality menu items ranging from traditional fried fare to grilled options that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Millennial entrepreneur Ben Patel, who owns two other national fast casual restaurant brands, knew Captain D’s was the perfect choice for his hometown of Madison, Georgia, and he’ll be  expanding  with a second location in nearby Loganville. He can see himself opening a location per year for a total of 10 by the time he turns 40. For Ben, Captain D’s was the perfect choice to fill the demand for seafood that doesn’t place direct competition on his nearby Dairy Queen location.

“Madison has very loyal local residents. Our population of 22,000 in the county will help Captain D’s stand out as a choice among the many hamburger and chicken restaurants. We give the community an option,” Ben says.

Captain D’s multi-unit owner Brian Smith has been in the franchise restaurant business for 26 years. A former Subway franchisee, he chose to invest in Captain D’s as a complementary business to his multiple Popeye’s locations and opened his first Captain D’s in his hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. He’s so sold on our brand’s upward trajectory that he’s signed on to develop Northwest Arkansas with partner Rodney Coats with an ultimate goal of 48 restaurants by 2026 in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

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