Quality Training Keeps Captain D’s Franchises in Shipshape

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Best Franchises are ones that provide the best training and support. Case in point: Captain D’s. We believe that development starts on day one, and doesn’t ever stop.

“One of our principles, one of our values at Captain D’s, is we are in constant pursuit of improvement,” Nancy Ward, our Vice President of Training, explains. “After an opening, I always ask our new Franchise Owners if there was anything we could have done to better support them in the process. We then use their feedback going forward.”

It’s that kind of mentality that’s not only kept us shipshape for five decades and counting, but has also led to accolades like this year’s “Best of the Best Franchises” ranking from Entrepreneur magazine.

“No other brand matches up,” Ward hears happily, and often, from our existing Franchise Owners. And this dedicated support and transparency extends to our potential Franchise Owners, too. Ward believes in laying everything out, she explains, and providing a look behind the curtain before deciding if Captain D’s is the right fit.

That means appreciating the Captain D’s culture of hospitality. “The way we train our team to be focused on our guests is more like a feeling than a step-by-step process,” Ward says. “It’s not about being robotic, you don’t have to say the same thing over and over again.”

Of course, good customer service is crucial in any business, but an exceptional guest experience is the result of a confident, well-prepared staff. That’s why Captain D’s has seven certified trainers assisting every new restaurant on opening day, and a total of 68 restaurant operators dedicated to our training team. All in all, over 750 training hours go into every Captain D’s Grand Opening.

And all that side-by-side training of a restaurant’s employees means the Franchise Owner can focus on getting to know their customer base and business flow. Ward knows how important that is, having worked in every possible position of the restaurant business.

“This approach to training is not rocket science,” she says. “This is about, in the end, letting people be their best, and just giving them that pathway to gain the skills they need.

To learn more about the quality of training and support at Captain D’s, see Nancy Ward’s interview in the alongside video.

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