Seafood The Captain D’s Way

At Captain D’s, we take seafood seriously, and we know that the care and dedication we put into sourcing, preparing, and serving our seafood is what sets us apart.

The Captain D’s way starts from the source. Our fishermen don’t take the easy way out; they search the waters of the North Pacific for our salmon and even head to the coast of Alaska to catch fish that are healthy, happy, and sustainable. Since 1969, we have been researching the safest, tastiest way to bring in our product, and it has served us, our customers, and our Franchise Owners well.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We take the same amount of pride in how we prepare it for our customers. We batter and bread our whole muscle fillets by hand, or season and fire grill them, each one made to order. Our famous Batter Dipped Fish is hand-dipped in our signature, in-house batter and cooked to order, every time.  You won’t find any square fish patties at Captain D’s. All our filets are whole filets, and customers see and taste the difference.

Our commitment to fresh, well-prepared food doesn’t just end with our seafood. All of our sides, like our hush puppies or coleslaw, are mixed and prepared from scratch every day in our restaurants.

Want to learn more about the Captain D’s way? Watch our head Chef, Jason Henderson, talk about our high-quality product that plays a big part in keeping our customers coming back again and again.

We source, fish, and prepare our seafood in a way that guarantees quality as well as customer loyalty.

The care we take doesn’t stop in the kitchen. Customers are greeted with a smile when they walk in and served with pleasure when the order is ready. This is what keeps our customers coming back. But, we make these choices to benefit more than just our customers. We make them to grow our franchise business, and with a 28% increase in AUV over the past seven years, we are proving it.

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