Captain D’s Seafood Franchise Continues Record-breaking Streak

Same-store revenues are up for 21st consecutive quarter for iconic seafood franchise

Captain D’s franchisees are still going strong, growing their businesses and revenues. Same-store sales revenues increased for a record 21st consecutive quarter, proving yet again that Captain D’s seafood franchise is a strong, stable investment and a powerful presence in the QSR food industry.

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“This is an exciting time for Captain D’s, and we’re proud of our franchise owners and the work they’re doing to maintain our brand’s momentum and growth,” says Captain D’s Chief Development Officer Michael Arrowsmith. “With 21 consecutive quarters of sales growth, this proves we’ve built a competitive brand that’s successfully tapped into a high-demand market. As more and more people discover Captain D’s, they’re continuing to drive unprecedented growth.”

With more than 500 restaurants in 21 states, Captain D’s high quality products, warm hospitality and unwavering commitment to innovation have driven our seafood franchise to the top of the QSR 50. The chain set average unit volume records each year from 2012 – 2016. A legacy brand with an iconic identity and a multi-generational customer base, Captain D’s newly designed restaurants and innovative menu additions continue to drive a sales boom and attract new legions of loyal customers every day.

At Captain D’s, we’re providing an enthusiastic audience with the delicious, savory and popular dishes they’re demanding. We’re constantly creating new dishes, and here are just a few ways these dishes are helping drive sales growth in our restaurants.

Captain D’s classic dishes helped define American seafood

At Captain D’s, we pioneered fast seafood with our iconic batter-dipped fish and signature sides. Together with shrimp, these items are still the core of our menu and remain among the most popular selections we offer.

“Our core menu hits all of the high points customers are looking for,” Michael says. “Our food is delicious, consistent and affordable, and that draws customers back again and again. They know what they like, they know what they want, and they come back time and again.”

In restaurants across the country, our franchise owners get to know their customers and become an integral part of the community. It’s not uncommon to see three or even four generations of diners sitting around a Captain D’s table, sharing a meal.

Our grilled menu items attract health-conscious diners

One of the largest trends in fast food is the pursuit of nutritious food options, and we’re proud that we’ve been on the vanguard of health-conscious dining with our diverse selection of grilled fish, chicken and shrimp dishes.

These dishes are drawing in the elusive millennial generation, who dine out more often than any generation before. By capturing these diners while still providing the same quality foods our customers expect, we’re helping ensure our brand’s future is bright.

“Millennials are our largest growing segment as they seek dining options for their young families,” Michael says. “We also still have a strong senior citizen customer base that is loyal to our more traditional menu items, such as batter-dipped fish and hush puppies. They raised their children with us, and they bring their grandchildren in now.”

Limited-time offerings keep the menu fresh and exciting

Alongside the solid foundations of our fried and grilled menu items, our culinary experts are constantly creating new, limited-time offerings (LTOs). These provide franchise owners with opportunities to increase brand visibility through marketing and via organic media mentions.

“Through LTOs, we’re able to stay on the forefront of food trends while not abandoning or alienating our loyal customer base,” Michael says. “For example, the Nashville Hot Fish dish provided us with the opportunity to answer customer demand for the ‘Nashville Hot’ trend, and that drew not only new customers to the store, but also a lot of free media mentions, as well.”

Our popular LTOs round out a menu that is diverse, popular and, best of all, affordable. With 21 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth behind us, we’re looking forward to many more years of feeding America’s seafood cravings.

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Experienced franchise operators make ideal Captain D’s franchise owners. With initial investments ranging from $781,000 to $1,013,000, we’re actively recruiting potential owners with a net worth of $1 million and liquidity of $350,000. Given our track record of brand expansion and same-store sales growth, this makes owning a Captain D’s franchise a smart investment.

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